Speaker magnet : Ferrite ring

Ferrite magnet ring for speakerSpeakers are everywhere, and most of them use the same old principle of a permanent magnet coupled with an electromagnetic coil.
Sub-woofers, woofers, mid-range speakers, tweeters, coaxial drivers... all are including at least one permanent magnet.


For the speaker to work and produce the sound we hear, a cone of soft material (plastic, rubber...) is coupled with an electro magnetic coil.
When current waves are pulsed within the coil, it produces a magnetic field that reverses direction as the current switches to positive or negative sign.
The coil, is then attracted or repelled by a ring permanent magnet. This movement is then amplified by the soft cone to produce waves of air, waves that are interpreted as a sound by human ears. The frequency of the vibration of the coil in front of the permanent magnet will affect the pitch of the sound. The amplitude of these vibration will govern the volume.


For speakers, a ferrite ring magnet is commonly advised

One can easily understand the importance of the quality of the permanent magnet in the speakers. It must be able to provide a strong field while having reduced dimensions and a relatively low cost.

We at Ugimag have been designing permanent ring magnets for more that a century and took part in the design of the early speakers and drivers.
Though we generally supply ferrite ring magnets when it comes to speakers applications, we are always innovating in this field and trying new materials and design to supply our customers with the best speakers rings.
Please contact us and we will be happy to study your application with you.